Sample script for use with the "/r" command line parameter

Here's a sample script created from the "Recipe" database I wrote:
CreateMessage %msg
AddHeader %msg Subject "Mae Baird's Rum Balls"
Set $body "Recipe for Mae Baird's Rum Balls"
InsertLine $body 2 " "
InsertLine $body 3 "Cooking time: No bake"
InsertLine $body 4 " "
InsertLine $body 5 "Makes: 70"
InsertLine $body 6 "Ingredients:"
InsertLine $body 14 "Description:"
InsertLine $body 15 "These spirited cookies are chocolately and candy like. Serve them instead of a dessert when something sweet but not over
indulgent is in order."
AssignBody %msg $body
EditMessage %msg
To avoid copyright issues (with the recipe) I've gutted much of the code but it's just a series of InsertLine commands.

This script pops up a compose window with the message pre-composed. I then just fill in the "To:" line(s) and send it.