Poco General FAQ - Exporting messages as text files

Q: would it be possible or useful to add .txt format to the list of export options? I run a discussion forum much like the Poco Forums. I get email notification of every post made to that forum. I archive them in a mailbox. Every so often it gets tiresomely full. At that point, I like to export all the messages to a txt file and clear the mailbox.
I know this might be considered as stupid suggestion, but mailbox is in fact kind of a text file.

Move all the files you want to export into separate folder, eg. "export". Then find the file export.mbx in your Poco directory or subdirectory, rename it to export.txt. Then go to Poco and delete the mailbox (if it will still appear on the mailbox pane).

All the info is stored in text format, although you might maybe find the email headers to be excessive. But even this can be solved some way.

Note from Michael: You could use a script to strip the excess headers from the messages if you'd like or you could use a modified form of the "Archive Old Mail" script that comes with Poco.

Poco already supports a method for saving individual messages as text files.