Poco General FAQ - Differences in the Search Messages function between Poco 2 and Poco 3

Q: How has the Search Messages function changed between Poco 2 and Poco 3?
There have been major enhancements to the Search Messages function under Poco 3. These include:
  • The ability to specify up to 3 different criteria in a single search
  • The ability to focus the search to particular areas of the message
  • Messages are virtually linked rather than being copied to the Seach mailbox. This has the benefit that the following actions performed within a message in the 'Search" mailbox affects the original message:
    • Annoations
    • Editing the subject
    • Message marking
    • Status changes (eg: read vs unread)
    • etc
  1. Deleting a message from the "Search" mailbox does not delete the message from the source mailbox.
  2. The technique for displaying the source mailbox in the message index no longer works under Poco 3. If you enable headers the source mailbox will be displayed.