Poco Script FAQ - Setting up a script

Q: I've been told I have to setup a script before it will run correctly. What does this do and how do I do it?
A: Setting up a script is a process that establishes default values for some of the parameters the script needs in order to run correctly. This process typically only needs to be done once and is done as follows:
  1. Open the "Scripts" window by pressing F9 or by selecting "Scripts" from the "Tools" menu.
  2. Press the "Setup Script" tab.
  3. Select name of the script in the "Script name" field. This is the drop down box between the blue "Script name:" text and the "Run on Selected Messages" command button (the box the arrow is pointing to in the illustration below):

  4. Enter the values for the parameter(s) you want to use in the various field(s). Some fields may refer to files.
    Pressing the command button associated with the file will open NotePad for you to edit these files.
    Clicking on the hyperlink will open the application associated with the file.
  5. Close the window. Occasionally I've had Poco warn me that the script isn't saved, if you get this warning do not close the script but press the "Edit Script" tab and then press the "Save" button before closing the window.