Poco Poco Configuring FAQ FAQ - Every word marked as mis-spelled

Q: Every word in my emails are underlined with red. I'm not getting the error that the dictionaries aren't installed - Pocomail seems to think that it's working okay. I tried installing Pocomail again over itself but no luck.

Is there any way to bring my spell checker back?

There are several things that can cause this:
  1. corrupted DEFAULT.UDT user dictionary
  2. inactive language dictionaries

For 1, try renaming DEFAULT.UDT, then go to PocoMail Configure Spelling, remove DEFAULT.UDT from the bottom list and then create a new DEFAULT.UDT. Make sure it is CHECKED, the box next to the name has to be enabled.

For 2, due to the non-standard checkboxes used by Addictive for this dialog box it may seem that the dictionaries are active when in fact they are not. If you simply are not sure if you enabled them correctly just send the SPELL.INI from your PocoMail directory (as an attachment)to Poco support. They will send you back the corrected version. To do this use the E-mail Support form under Help menu to create a support request and attach the SPELL.INI to that request before sending.