Poco Reading FAQ - Sorting messages by delivery date

Q: I see that Poco adds a delivery date header to incoming messages. How can I sort the mailbox index by this header?
In Poco 3, just sort on the Received column. If it's not visible, check it in Options/Index Columns (for your global default) or in Mailbox Properties/Columns (for a single mailbox).

There are a couple of options that affect how dates and times are displayed. By default, the message's Sent date will be converted to your local time zone and will display in a shortened format. You can change these options in Options/Reading Mail/Index Options.

To do this you have to add the Delivery-Date: header to your message index. Sorting on that header will also give you what you want.

There are also scripts/external support software to convert the date the email was sent into your local time zone; see Date Converter Scripts, which one to use? for details.