Poco Junk Mail FAQ - Integrating Spam Assassin results with Poco's Junk Mail filtering

Q: My ISP runs the spam assassin service on their mail server. How do I integrate the results with Poco's junk mail filtering?
Although the techniques described under Poco 2.6 below will still work you can also seed Poco's junk mail score by using a filter to detect the Spam-Assassin headers:

The following instructions will cause Poco to treat all messages marked with the "X-Spam-Status: Yes" header as spam. That is it will move them to the Junk Mail folder. These instructions also mark the message as read which causes Poco not to interrupt you with a "new message" alert when the message arrives.

  1. Create a new incoming message filter by opening the "Filter" window (F4) and pressing the "New Filter" button.
  2. In the "Search" field enter "X-Spam-Status:", in the "for" field enter "Yes".
  3. In the "Perform" field select "run script" and choose the "MarkAsRead" script.
  4. Check the "and" box and in the next "Perform" field select "move message to" and choose the "Junk Mail" mailbox.
  5. Check the "and" box and in the next "Perform" field select "stop processing".
  6. Close the filter definition by pressing the "Ok" button.
  7. Close the "Filter" window by pressing the "Ok" button.
Your filter should now look like this:

Note: The above technique does not integrate this with Poco's junk mail filtering but rather adds a relatively simple filter to move the messages to the junk mail folder. At the time of writing (Poco 2.63) there was not method to integrate testing of headers with Poco's junk mail filtering.