Poco General FAQ - Starting Poco for a Specific User

Q: Can anyone tell me if it's possible to load a user on default. I'm a trial user right now and am curious to know if I can load PocoMail's user "John" for example, when I load the user "John" and user "Ken" in user "Ken". Now these are just examples, and not actually the names of the people, so if you can help I'd be very appreciative.

Essentially, I know that some programs will load each user with a line like -p"username". Don't know if this works on PocoMail or not.

You can launch Poco with for a specific user. For example you would use the following syntax to start Poco for user "Ken":
"C:\Program Files\PocoMail\Poco.exe" /user "Ken"
You'll find a description of all the command line parameters in the "PocoMail Makeover" section of the Poco help file. Note: This link takes you to an online version of the help file for Poco 2. Please consult Poco 3's Help for the most recent information.