Poco Composing FAQ - Temporarily disabling address auto-complete

Q: I like the feature that automatically fills in the "To" line from names in my address book, however, how does one temporarily deactivate this feature when you want to type in a new email address?
You should be able to enter a full address without the autocomplete function getting in the way. For instance if you are entering "johnbrown@hotmail.com" as your address but you have "johnbrown@yahoo.com" in your address book then the autocomplete will fill in "johnbrown@yahoo.com" but as you enter the "y" the remaining characters should disappear and you can complete the address.

You can disable this by pressing "Ctrl+," or by toggling the "Enable Address Auto-complete" setting on the view menu of the compose window. Note: This is a permanent change, not a temporary one (you will have to set it back manually afterwards).