Poco Filter FAQ - Filter using addresses from a text file

Q: I want to filter messages to a folder based on multiple satisfying conditions listed in a text file.

I want to use this filter to move newsletter e-mails to a common folder. However, I don't want to add the newsletter e-mail addresses to my address book. I also want to have *all* of the newsletter e-mail addresses (e.g., the matching conditions) contained within the same filter.

You can either specify multiple conditions in the filter by changing the then drop down box to or or you can put all the newsletter addresses in a text file and use that by specifying the file name in the "for" box using the following syntax: %file%:"filename"

By default Poco will search for the file within your PocoMail root directory.

This can be used against the body or the header. It does a "per-line" comparison. Let's say I have "\test.txt" that contains:

I can then create a filter that says If From contains %file%:"test.txt" Then and choose my action.

This will find any From header that matches any of the lines in "<PocoMail>\test.txt".