Poco Script FAQ - View contact information for a received message

Q: I use the address book extensively to maintain addresses, phone #'s etc.

It would be handy - for me, at least - if the address book would display in the message edit/preview pane when an address receives the focus (rather than having to open Properties).

To make it more complex it would probably need to be a toggle - since some folks probably only keep email addresses in their address book.

I know this isn't trivial - but it would be a nice feature for those of us who keep all our contacts in the address book.

Believe it or not you could do something like this with a script. It is possible to extract information from the message to determine the "From:" address and to then search your address books to find that person's entry. Once found you can extract the information you want to display and format it either in a message box (the simplest) or in an html page. You could then associate the script with a button on your toolbar and press that button when you wanted to see the contact inforamtion for a particular message you had received.

PS: Make sure you backup your address book(s) regularly. You can use the "PocoBackup" script I wrote, it's available from the registered users area.