Poco Checking Mail FAQ - Log of received messages

Q: When I first started using PocoMail some days ago I thought I saw a log that kept a record of mail received etc. I cannot seem to find a log in the folders or the log option on the menus.

Am I going mad or blind?

In Poco 3, there are two new ways of viewing logs of your recently received mail: the New Mail mailbox and the Console. They're related, alternative views of the same information. When one is visible, the other is not. In addition:

The New Mail Mailbox... The Console...
Appears under Special Mailboxes in the mail tree. If you don't want Special Mailboxes listed in your mail tree, turn them off in Options/General/Interface. Appears in an independent window. The Console will reappear on the next mailcheck if closed (using normal Windows X button in the upper right). This allows you to view the Console and dismiss it without losing it.

If you never want to see the Console, disable it in Options/General/Interface.

Lists all mail received in the last 24 hours. Email messages may display older sent dates, for example, if you've just returned from a trip. To see when Poco received the messages, turn on the Received column (in Mailbox Properties/Columns).

This is useful for finding a message you received in the last 24 hours without trying to remember where you filtered it to.

Collects mail in the last 24 hours (like the New Mail tab) or since the last time you read your mail (including all mailchecks since the last time you read your mail, not just the most recent mailcheck).

To configure this, right-click in the Console and select "All New Mail" or "Since Last Viewed."

Looks like a normal message index. Looks similar to Poco 2's Status feature. The Console lists all new mail sorted by the mailbox to which it was received. You can also click on an account tab to see all new mail received to a particular account.
Displays links to messages that have been filtered to other mailboxes.
  1. To see where a message has been filtered to, display Short Headers (click on the H in the small toolbar between the message index and the preview pane) or add a custom column called "X-Found" to the index. (To add the column just to the New Mail tab, select the custom column in its Mailbox Properties.)
  2. To delete links, press the Delete key. To send the message to Trash, press Ctrl+Shift+Delete.
Apart from these two notes, you may treat the New Mail index like any other index: view messages, mark them, annotate them, move them to other mailboxes, apply a filtered view using the Show Only Bar, etc.
Allows you to open messages and act on them (e.g., reply) without opening Poco's main screen. If you delete a message from the Console, the message will go to the Trash.

Tip: by default, the New Mail tab and Console will display messages received in all mailboxes, including Junk. If you don't want filtered messages included in your new mail lists, open the Mailbox Properties for the Junk mailbox (or any other mailbox) and select "Suppress new mail notification".

You're neither going blind nor mad, what you are looking for is called the "Last Check Mail Status" and it is accessed by any of the following methods:
  • Ctrl+F12,
  • "View | View Check Mail Status",
  • Click on the dropdown arrow beside "Message" at the top left of the preview pane toolbar and select "Last Check Mail Status",
  • Click on the "Message" text at the top left of the preview pane toolbar.