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poco systems inc | Thursday, 04 June 2020
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How do I setup My AOL account?
AOL has recently allowed 3rd party clients to access its email servers. Try the following setup information:

The AOL server are as follows:
incoming: imap.aol.com:143
outgoing: smtp.aol.com:587

In PocoMail or Barca press F3 to create a new account. Press the New Account button.
- In the "Server" field enter imap.aol.com:143
- In the "Username" field enter you AOL screen name
- Enter you password in the "password" field.
- Select IMAP as the "Server Type".

Next click the Outgoing tab.
- In the server field enter smtp.aol.com:587
- Put a checkmark next to "Use outgoing server authentication".
- In the "Username" field enter your AOL screen name.
- In the "Password Field" enter your AOL password.
- Select "Login" from the "Authentication Type" drop down menu.

Next click on the IMAP tab.
- Delete "Inbox" from the "IMAP mailbox" field.

Press OK and check mail.

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