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poco systems inc | Thursday, 04 June 2020
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How do I setup my IMAP account?

Different IMAP servers will require different setup information, here are several suggestions that may help with your IMAP server.

Open Accounts Setup (F3), select your account and click on the Edit button to edit your account. Click on the IMAP tab along the left side to see full IMAP options.

Try setting Authentication Type field to another value, and see if an alternate setting works with your server. Just select another one, press OK to save changes and see if Check Mail works as expected. Reopen the Edit window to choose another value. 
Generally, IMAP Mailbox and Root folder fields should be set with following values: 
IMAP Mailbox: Inbox 
Root folder:
(leave empty)
Try those values after trying step number 1, and if you are still having problems your server may demand specific values to be entered into those two fields, the server administrator would know them if that was the case.
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