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poco systems inc | Thursday, 04 June 2020
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How do I setup AVG to work with PocoMail/Barca?

Depending on the version of AVG you have there may be several ways to enable email scanning. Firstly, try to select Personal Email scanner and then Personal test configuration. The default setup should enable email scanning.

Failing that, AVG may require changes to your email account setup in order to scan your incoming messages for viruses.

Pocomail/Barca Incoming Settings

Press F3 in PocoMail or Barca and double-click your account.
Username: POPUsername/POPServer (replace with your actual POP username and server, note the slash between the two)
password: your email password

PocoMail/Barca Outgoing Settings:


Create a POP3 Server in AVG:

Go to AVG, Use "Add", do not use the wizard.

This will create a POP3 server, click the modify button and you should see something like this in the server setttings:

Login: user/computer

Make sure that the type of login is USER/COMPUTER and the port is 5100; make sure "activate this server" is checked.

Click OK.

Click Add, and create an SMTP server, AVG will complain that an SMTP server name cannot be empty, ignore this and click OK

Now add your SMTP server addresss to the Relay Host box, eg: smtp.btinternet.com

Make sure Local port is 5101, queue is on Automatic and Send Admin Messages is pointing at 5100.

Finally make sure the settings in the Email client SMTP server setttings is, and the activate this server is clicked.

To see if AVG7.0 is checking incoming and outgoing mails you can have AVG certify emails. This can be done by clicking the Email Scanner (in AVG). Click Configure then click "check incoming mail & certify mail".  Do the same for outgoing mail.

Send yourself an email and check if AVG is signing it.  Please note that any email you receive should be tagged as well.

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