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poco systems inc | Thursday, 09 July 2020
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I upgraded to the latest version and my code does not work anymore?
Minor upgrades, for example 3.2 to 3.4, are typically free while major upgrades, for example from 2.x to 3.y, require payment.

If your code no longer works then it could be that you installed PocoMail 3 while your license code is only valid for version 2.x. PocoMail 3 is a paid upgrade (half-price for registered users).

Going back to PocoMail 2.64

If you would like to go back to version 2.64 you can download it from:

If you already run PocoMail 3 on your PocoMail 2 data then you will need to restore your folders. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your mail directory (normally C:Program FilesPocoMailMail). You will find that for each directory (which represent your folders in PocoMail 2) there is a newly created .mbx file just outside that directory, with the same name as the missing folder. So if you had a folder called Friends, then when you look into the directory that contains Friends you will see:

Friends (directory)
Friends.mbx (file, most likely of zero size)

Deleting the file Friends.mbx will make the Friends folder visible next time you start PocoMail 2.

Upgrading to PocoMail 3

PocoMail 3 is a paid upgrade. To purchase the upgrade please go to our store:


To access the upgrade you will have to enter your current license code as your username and leave the password field blank. Important: Please enter your current PocoMail license code in the Comments field on the order form.

PocoMail 3 introduces many new features and changes some of the file formats used previously by PocoMail. We strongly recommend to backup your previous PocoMail installation before installing PocoMail 3. That said, PocoMail 3 can be installed directly over older versions, though we recommend a clean install and import of your old information into the new install.

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