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poco systems inc | Thursday, 04 June 2020
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Why am I getting Relaying Denied error?
This error message is coming directly from the SMTP server and it is letting you know that you are not allowed to send messages through it from your current network location for some reason.

Your network administrator or your ISP can configure their SMTP servers to send messages for anyone that connects to them, but this is rarely the case in the real world. Due to the SMTP abuse by spammers and mass-mailers many network administrators had to close their SMTP servers to only allow their clients or their customers to send mail.

For example, if you have two Internet providers, provider1.com and provider2.com, in most cases when you dial-up to provider1.com you will be denied using provider2.com's SMTP server and vice versa.

If you are encountering this problem, always try to use the SMTP server of the provider that connects you to the Internet - you may need to call your ISP to obtain the correct address. PocoMail and Barca make this easy, as every email account you setup can have its own SMTP server - just change the account you are sending the message from to match your current Internet provider.

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