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poco systems inc | Wednesday, 12 August 2020
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Can a piece of software evoke emotional response? Most people will say yes, referring to the frustration and anger we all felt dealing with computers. But PocoMail users experience something else on a daily basis - the joy of dealing with your daily email without the computer getting in the way, but actually helping you do it better, faster.

We have literally several hundreds messages from PocoMail users who took the time to write and tell us what finding and using PocoMail means to them. We apologize if your letter didn't make it on this page, but with only a small sample of your feedback this page has become very long indeed. We will try to keep these pages updated with fresh stories.

If you are considering PocoMail as your email client, the best way to evaluate a product or service is to listen to what other people, like yourself, have thought about it after they've used it. All of these opinions are true statements by these PocoMail users and have not been solicited.

From B. Bender:

I am writing to tell you that I tried about 12 different programs including Outlook, Messenger, Eudora, Pegasus, 2Sync, and others, yet no other program compares to PocoMail.  Your developers obviously have an excellent handle on what users want to see, especially those who use email extensively on a daily basis, like myself.  Excellent job, and I'll continue to support your product. Thanks!

From E. Green:

I've always used Outlook Express because it was "there". With the increase in spam &  email virus' I was forced to consider the practicality of switching to an alternate email program. PocoMail's ability to view email on the server prior to downloading was the initial feature that convinced me to give it a try. My appreciation for PocoMail continues to grow as I learn to implement it's features. I never dreamed an email program could be both "fun" and "interesting" to use! It feels really good to gain some control over the "email doorway."

From J. Martinez:

Thank you also for such a great product. I truly love Poco Mail and there is nothing else like it anywhere. I've tried them all and in my opinion, Poco is the best, hands down.

From L. Dickinson:

Wow! PocoMail is an outstanding piece of software and well worth every dollar. I've switched between Outloox Express, Outlook and Eudora and back many times trying to find an email program I liked that wasn't vulnerable to security issues. I didn't need the frills of Outlook, but Express doesn't let you edit the subject line. Eudora does, but tends to lock up when checking multiple email accounts downloading a lot of mail. I did some research on the net and found and tried several email programs. None of them can hold a candle to PocoMail. I gave PocoMail a try and was blown away by its value and features. This is simply one hell of a piece of software and I recommend it highly. Thanks for your time.

From S. McKean:

I've just got to say......I love using Poco as my email program. That's enough, but -- and this is above expectations -- it's also FUN to be part of the "Poco-crowd".  It's like an adventure given the responsiveness of you, the author, and the interesting and competent bunch like Michael M in the forum.
I haven't had this must fun with a piece of software in years!

From A. Allan:

Just a note of congratulations for an outstanding piece of software. I am a lifelong Eudora power user but have been increasingly frustrated by the more recent releases of that program (v4.3 >). After testing Poco for a few days I bought it, downloaded a bunch of skins, and I can now finally say goodbye to Eudora! The best aspects of this program, in order of importance to me, are:
- complete flexibility of directory selection for all aspects of the program (makes backups simple)
- ability to control/reject attachments from the server / ability to view server contents
- skinnable for when I get bored of one look; it's like having 10 programs in one!
Keep up the great work.

From C. Prucha:

Just wanted to drop a note to say Poco Mail is one of the best progams I have used for email. I have been using it for over a year and just love it. Its easy to use (my entire family uses it) and very easy to upgrade and use the skins. Great job!

From F. Jensen Jr.:

Thank you for the update and all the good work you and everyone at PocoMail provide to create and continually improve the best email program around!  I will download and install the new build shortly. Thank you again for such a fine program and your superb support.

From R. Pearson:

Being a computer user since the early days of IBM we have a little experience of the Net and Email programs and having used most of them we have to compliment Poco on a superb program.  It has proved over the many years we have used it to be so easy to use, yet still maintains many excellent features that other programs do not have. Its flexibility is quite amazing and the ability to "view mail on the server" before downloading is a great asset. We highly recommend Poco to all internet users both experienced and beginners, which for its price is undoubtedly worth 5 Stars !!

From D. L. O'Mary:

I bought Poco Mail today, and I just wanted to say I love this email software. It is the very best I have ever used. It is so much better than Outlook Express. I can't wait for future updates. Thank you very much.
A new customer!!!!!!

From K. Thomas:

I have recommended Pocomail to my clients for the last couple of years (and bought a number of copies for the more enlightened clients) - it is way better than "glumlook" and it's siblings!
BUT PocoMail PE - what was that ? I got your promo e-mail about 2 weeks before I was due to go out of the UK for a month (and dreading the prospect of trying to make do with web based e-mail !!)
So I dived in - bought PE and a 128 MB USB PenDrive and hoped .......!! The combination is absolutely brilliant !! I have been able to carry my e-mail client, including all the vital business templates and contacts in the same bag with my digital camera. The largest bits were the CD carrying the driver for the USB flash memory and USB extension cable  !! Easier with XP systems (no driver required) but still not difficult with 98SE. (flash  memory that is)
No laptops to carry and worry about - just find a local PC - connect up and away you go.
A Superb solution to my particular problem - and no doubt many others as well !!

From F. Wagner:

I am delighted with Pocomail!  I used it for about three hours and then I said, "Why wait, I know I am going to use it, so get it now!" I have been using Eudora for about seven years, so I am coming from a conservative and easy to use program that I feel very comfortable with.  Why did I change? Very simple.  I couldn't get my outgoing message to the listserve I moderate to "flow."  So I joined a Eudora newsgroup and from that I discovered there are many problems with Eudora and that Qualcomm really isn't giving the program good support anymore.  Someone on the newsgroup mentioned he had tried Pocomail and after fifteen minutes of use it seemed promising. So I thought I would look at Pocomail.  I am very pleased after about twelve hours of intensive use.  My skill level is that of an attentive user with no programming skills.

There are so many things I like about Pocomail that I wouldn't know where to begin.  I like a separate message composition window floating on top.  I like knowing whether a message has been read or replied to, etc.  I like an options page that is intuitive and avoids the unnecessary.  I like having multiple "skins" to chose from.   There are dozens of other things I knew should be there as soon as I started to use them but which weren't available in Eudora.  For instance, enlarging type size by hitting the 'A' button.  I like having scripts and I have added three already. [...] Anyway, much thanks for the intensely human program you have created.

From B. Persson:

Thank you for an outstanding product! Well worth it's $25, and beats the crap out of the opponent. I've been using MailWarrior before, but after trying poco for a while i finally decided to register and throw out the other crap (yes, that includes the bug-hole OE *g*).

From A. Wright:

I was frustrated by Outlook Express. I searched for another email software package. Eudora and Pegasus were not on my wish list. Then I saw a Google link to PocoMail. What the heck! I'd give it a try and if it didn't work out then I could remove it. Well, 3 hours after installing PocoMail... and transferring my Address Book and selected .eml files... I found myself getting back on line to purchase it! It beats Outlook Express by a mile. Pocomail is much faster at everything (except perhaps at loading messages with a lot of images) and has more features that are usable! Thank you for your product. I note that it originates in Canada. Another reason I love your country so much!

From V. Smith:

The more I work with your program the more I appreciate it.
PocoMail was obviously developed by someone obsessed in producing the best email client around.  You can take pride in your product.  It stands tall even compared to Eudora Pro and Outlook.

From Mike:

Rest assured my Poco is functioning as you intended. I wish I had a Euro for every time I've opened my big mouth extolling the virtue's of Poco and explaining to people why they should be using nothing else. Ultimately I suppose they will wise up ;-)
My own copy is backed up to cd-r, my c-drive is backed up with drive image to another partition and also spanned to cd-r's, life without Poco ? unthinkable !!!

From B. Capewell:

Just to let you know I think this is the Best Email Program I have come across and well worth the $25.00.
We will shortly be setting up Email Accounts at our shop premises for our Customers and we will certainly be recommending PocoMail for [their] email client.

From L. I. Gramovot:

I originally purchased Pocomail as a backup to Eudora; I receive and send an incredible number of e-mails each day, and when Eudora self destructed (the problem was eventually corrected)I decided to have a fall-back.

Pocomail has proven to be far superior to Eudora or anything else out there, in my view, and now I use it exclusively. I was very surprised to find that it has a number of features that make it great for business use, especially for those of us who receive large numbers of messages and attachments from clients.

The program is really great, and you should be very proud of yourselves. If you could only think of a bit stuffier name for it you could probably become North America's leading business e-mail client.

From S. Bennett:

Just downloaded Pocomail last night. I've been searching for an email client that could replace my Outlook 97 as I've grown tired of dodging Microsoft viruses and don't care to pay the inflated price for a new version of Outlook. For 2 whole days I downloaded client after client from download.com trying to find the right replacement. After trying Pegasus and JBmail (or something like that) I thought I was doomed to more buggy and insecure Microsoft products. Then I downloaded your software. I can't express enough how much I really like your software (setup, ease of use, interface, and functionality). It is the greatest piece of software I've tried in years. While I only have one account and could probably go on using the demo forever, I will be registering and sending the $25 just to say thanks for a job done very well. You need to market the hell out of this product and get the word out.

From R. Webb:

I have been using Pocomail since the beginning of the year and I just want to put my "twopence" in. I find the system absolutely outstanding.  It is very easy to use, does everything I need and the email support is very fast and helpful.
To use Pocomail was definitely one of my better decisions.

From E. Heath:

Just a note to Slaven and the rest of the crew to thank you for your hard work.  Pocomail is one of the few applications that I have been happy with AFTER my purchase.
The support and communication is great.  In addition, I can see and feel your efforts with each subsequent release.
Thanks again everyone...

From H. Safran:

Just purchased your email program as a replacement for Calypso, which I had been using for my business and personal email since 1996. What a pleasant surprise! It's a great product in every respect and easy to use with very thoughtful, flexible features. I evaluated Outlook, Outlook Express, Pegasus, Eudora, The Bat and a couple of others - they don't come close. I'm glad I found you. Thanks again.

From L. Rotenberg:

It took me about 4 hours to decide that I was going to give up Eudora (after 6 years!) and adopt Pocomail. Congratulations for an excellent product.

From H. S. Sayed:

I was a Eudora fanatic.  But no more.  I am now a Poco fanatic.  I like that you use RFC 822 message formats and that all your setup and databases are in text format.  I also like your very clean implementation-- from a programmer (geek) to another.
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