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poco systems inc | Thursday, 09 July 2020
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Download POImport

POImport will allow you to import your messages and contact from Outlook directly into PocoMail and Barca.

Download POImport (build 1120, released 8 November 2004, 1.01 Mb):


Both Outlook and PocoMail or Barca must be closed before running POImport.

Designed to work with PocoMail 3 and Barca, POImport will import from Outlook 98 or better (including Outlook 2000, Outlook XP/2002, and Outlook 2003). POImport will also import into PocoMail 2.6 and all versions of PocoMail PE. Please see the release notes and documentation for specific information about using POImport with PocoMail PE or PocoMail 2.6.

Address books imported from Outlook Contacts will automatically be added to the PocoMail list of known addressbooks for PocoMail 3, Barca and PocoMail 2. This will not happen for PocoMail PE or for non-default users in any version of PocoMail or Barca.

Address book import has several naming options if you will be importing more than one address book. We highly recommend reading the POImport manual for more information. Public message stores may not be imported properly even if you have complete read access permission. Some contacts will not import with Internet formatted email addresses; these are typically addresses with Exchange contact information that does not have Internet format email address available. POImport does not have any mechanism for duplicate prevention for mail or contacts.

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